How Easy Is It Being Green?

The sounds of crickets on a balmy summer night, the glow of lightning bugs as the day turns into dusk, or the bright orange rays of the sun as it dips under the horizon.  These aren’t only sights and sounds of summer, but signs of nature at it’s best.  Today’s trend seems to finally be turning towards living green and preserving the precious things in nature that for so long we’ve taken for granted. The smart folks in California have been trying to teach of us this for years, and it seems that it is finally catching on. Everyone of us should take ownership in protecting our environment, not just a select few.  Luckily, even the big name companies have taken this to heart and joined in the eco friendly cause.

In this industry companies are always striving to capture the latest trends and when they do, it ignites the decorator within us.  I recently found myself doting over Benjamin Moore Paints new “Aura” line of paint.  As Benjamin Moore puts it “ Quite simply the finest paint we’ve ever made”.  This wonderful product has bragging rights to its incredible features such as: full washability in any sheen, richer colors, seamless touch-up, one-hour recoat, two coat maximum and no primer coat needed.  But wait, I’ve saved the best for last….it’s also eco-friendly and has minimal odor!

How do you get this fabulous product you ask?  Go to to find an Aura retailer in your area.

For those of you who find yourself in a home improvement project or need to do some spruce up your property before putting it on the market, you may want to consider some of these eco friendly options….who knew saving the environment could look so fabulous!

Cork Flooring – Made from cork oak bark, it does not harm the trees and the new layer of cork will re-grow.

Recycled Barnwood – this has a beauty and character that cannot be duplicated. Plus this is a double savings by not destroying existing trees and keeps the wood from becoming landfill waste.

Concrete Countertops – Limestone is one of the earth’s most plentiful resources. This not only allows beauty and function in the kitchen, but also offers considerable durability.

Bamboo Flooring – This is such a wise choice in flooring as it only takes approximately 5 years for a bamboo plant to reach maturity. Bamboo is generally less expensive and more durable than traditional hardwoods making it a top pick for your green design!

Sea Grass Wallpaper – Okay I admit I had to share this with you because apparently I was eco friendly some 20 years ago and didn’t know it! I loved my sea grass wallpaper then and still love it now (no, I don’t have the same wallpaper, or the same home.) But… does make me wonder what I can wallpaper THIS time! Sea Grass grows in saltwater marshes and is an abundant resource that regenerates itself. Sea Grass has a wonderful texture that truly goes with practically any décor.

So, as you can see, it really is easy being green! There are so many smart, beautiful choices available to you. Just take the time to look before starting your next project and who knows, you may just help to make this world a little better place to live!

Happy Designing,