Home Staging

Staging is the process of preparing your home to be put on the market.

Staging captures and plays on the critical elements that will sell your house for the highest price and least amount of time on the market. Staged homes appeal to a broad range of potential buyers, making it easy for them to visualize living there and making their decision to buy much faster.  Staging helps homes stand out from others in your neighborhood or price point.

Fresh Look Interiors can have your home ready to be put on the market in just one day. You never have a second chance to make a good first impression. As a potential seller, you need to keep this in mind.

I have a realtor, do I need a stager?

Although realtors are very in tune with what sells a house, they are not always savvy in the staging department. Our stagers are professionally trained to incorporate the design principles necessary to capture the assets of a house. Staging is about the buyer, making it easy for them to see themselves living there.

What if I wanted a few suggestions not an actual staging?

Fresh Look Interiors offers a front curb to back fence consultation with a comprehensive check-list that you will receive after our walk through. We will give you suggestions, tips and tricks to improve the look and feel of your home and prepare it for market.

I’ve relocated and my property is empty. Should I have some furniture in there to help sell it?

Think of a model home. They are always furnished and accessorized. This is because it’s easy for people to visualize themselves living in a space that’s furnished.

Big or small, new or old our passion is to bring life to those spaces that were once forgotten. Rethink the old, embrace the new and honor those spaces that were once loved by those who lived in them.

Move In

Fresh Look Interiors understands how overwhelming a move can be.

What once worked perfectly in your old home, can sometimes create a challenge in your new space.

We help you settle into your new home without all of the stress that moving brings. You don’t have to live out of boxes anymore! And yes, your old furniture can work in your new home too!

We can make you feel at home immediately by artfully placing your furniture and accessories in the best formation possible, creating a functional, yet livable area for you and your family.

Perfect for:

– Relocating due to a corporate relocation
– Downsizing
– Arranging your furniture in your new home
– Blending of families and two households
– Alleviating the stress moving causes

Make the most of your new home by highlighting focal points and architectural elements that will make your house a home.

Complement your Move-In Service with:

– Personalized Shopping for Home Furnishings and Accessories
– Color Consultations
– Interior Accessorizing

 Big or small, new or old our passion is to bring life to those spaces that were once forgotten. Rethink the old, embrace the new and honor those spaces that were once loved by those who lived in them.



Review from Google

I am a real estate professional and I've just started to rely on Judy's expertise in staging prior to listing a home. She is amazing at what she does. She is gentle with our clients in her approach to making changes in a home and the results are fantastic. A home she staged has gone under contract in 12 days!

-Flatland Homes Real Estate Agency

Review from Houzz

I am so happy that we used Judy to remodel our office space! We wanted to have a professional yet homey feel and Judy did a wonderful job giving us exactly what we were looking for. In order to minimize our closing time with our patients we brought in Judy to do most of the shopping for the décor, chairs, tile, vanities, mirrors, sconces, and basically every detail of our remodel. She working quickly and efficiently with us on every part and we were so impressed with the results! She did a fabulous job of bringing a comfortable yet elegant feel to our office. Thanks Judy!

-Kristina E.

Review from Google

We hired Judy Pelinksi to help stage our home for sale- even with a less than ideal location, she helped us sell our home in less than 30 days!  Thanks Judy!

-Vanessa B.




Do you wish to sell your property quickly?

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